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Welcome to Glory Hole! This website features hard-core pornographic pictures of men taking on other men in Australia’s most popular glory holes. There is also a directory wherein visitors may familiarize themselves with glory holes in key locations in case they want to participate in this act. We are proud to say that all of our pictures are explicit and have received no form of alteration whatsoever.

Glory Hole is a sexual slang that refers to a hole in a wall or partition between two public toilets. In this website, we do not deviate from the basics of this slang term. We have located several locations in Australia which could function perfectly as a glory hole. The locations that we found are perfect because they are located in key areas that are densely populated by people. However, participants can still do their business without fear of being caught thanks to the secure nature of the restrooms.

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Our website is created quite simply with tabs that visitors can click to go to their desired category. We have tabs that direct visitors to our picture archives and tabs that direct visitors to our archive of locations with glory holes. Visitors may also submit their own glory hole experiences by clicking on the appropriate tab, filling up the necessary information, and then selecting the photo they wish to upload.

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We will continue to update our website with more content as long as our visitors are willing to send in their own personal experiences. We bring only unadulterated and hard-core images for our viewers to enjoy. Our images are 100% real and even involve sexual acts that are not done using glory holes per se. With only the best glory hole experiences under our belt, we are sure that all of our viewers will benefit and enjoy the content that we have for them.

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